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  1. Large-Bore/Small-Bore Rifle/Shotgun
    Hey all, I've just gotten into collecting milsurp firearms (your basic mosins, mausers, etc.) and I recently purchased this sporterized 1966 Ishapore (7.62 NATO). I'm pretty sure I overpaid for it but in I've always wanted one and got a little trigger happy (no pun intended). Anyways, the...
  2. General Firearms Discussion
    So when will Trump overturn obamas executive order of no milsurplus bring bring backs? Anyone have any idea? I'd like to pick some up in the next year or so without paying insane amounts for mismatched crap.
  3. General Firearms Discussion
    I was really disappointed in a gun show I went to. Given the ban on mlsurp rifles and overall hoarding pricing was insane, and tiny amounts of rifles there. I've always been able to find a jewel at a gun show but good lord the 4 mausers I saw went between 650-800 dollars...... 3 garands at...
1-3 of 4 Results