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  1. Residency

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    I am 19 years old looking to purchase my first rifle. I currently go to school in the state of Pennsylvania and I rent a house there, but my permanent state of residence is New York state. I will be in Pennsylvania for 8/12 months of the year. My question is, can I buy the rifle in...
  2. New York Laws

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    Could my son, who is 19, buy a non detachable magazine AR-15? If not, could he purchase a lower receiver and build his own? What is his best option?
  3. Genius New way to make NY Legal AR15 / M4 NY Compliant (Tier 5 MBC)

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    Hey everyone! Check out this new product that makes your AR15 New York & Cali Compliant. Put your pistol grips back on with this product. It it not for everyone but it is a great option to have out there in the ether! Check it out! Let me know what ya think.