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  1. Need help with this American bulldog value and what year it was made and caliber

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    Hey i had a revolver passed down to me from my grandad. Its an american bulldog not forsure of caliber. Or year it was made i know its not in the best condition but i also want to know if ya think i should get it restored and some estimates on how much yall think it might cost for parts just...
  2. Great Great Grandfather’s Guns

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    My Grandfather has severe Alzheimer’s. He has 5 guns he was given from his grandfather. My grandma decided it was time for me to get the guns and carry them on for the future. I tried talking to him and asking about the guns, he kind of sparked up but was still unable to remember anything...
  3. New Member intro

    Introduction Forum
    Greetings - Retired military aviator, retired fed, interested in old guns, value and care. Love to shoot, recently retired, now I have the time!
  4. What gun is this ? Experts!

    General Firearms Discussion
    Hello there, Last weekend a friend of mine has been working as a landscaper and dug out a gun that was buried in the ground, after seeing the pictures I was wondering what kind of gun would this be ? Is there anyone that could identify its type ?
  5. Old gun

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    Please help me with the identification of old weapons. My grandfather got it and we want to know what's going on and what it has value. character: ELG (Figure 3) length: 28 cm 1) 2) 3) sign on the barrel of the weapon
  6. Hey, hey, from Manchester Pa.

    Introduction Forum
    I am very new to guns but not this planet [70yrs,4mos,19dys upon registering here]. I've got into collecting old, by which I mean worn, beaten up guns, old guns, old used guns with a story. A gun off the manufacturing line and into a glass covered wood box over 100 years ago doesn't do it for me...