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rim fire

  1. Decisions, decisions: a fork in the road

    General Firearms Discussion
    I'm in a situation now where I really don't know what to do. As I'll be turning 18 soon, I'm glad I'll have the ability to purchase my first firearm, but there's a few catches. (Warning, this may turn into a stream of consciousness) First off, I live in Commufornia, and don't want a...
  2. Trying to ID an old unigue gun - 8 shot revolver maybe German or Belgian rimfire

    Curio & Relics Forum
    I purchased a very odd 8 shot revolver. The key characteristics are: Seems to have a German or Belgian proof mark (two crowns and a "U") Possibly another symbol and a crown and a "U". On barrel, cylinder, and above trigger. Rim fire (approx 22 cal) Loop trigger Possibly "bakelite" grips...
  3. Ejection issues Ruger m77/22

    .22-Rimfire Forum
    i have 3 of these little Rogers .22 mag no issues ,a 17m-2 which has always had ejection issues ,and a brand new 77/22 rf .when I took this to the range 100% fail to eject?????? Boy was I pissed .However I found the cure!!!!! Works 100% .....I made a .030 brass shim about the size of a quarter...