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  1. The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    I inherited a .32 smith and Wesson revolver. I am trying to find information on it. The serial number is four digits and begins with 4XXX. Where can I find information on this?
  2. The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    Hello, I have seen on many threads, on many forums that people are looking to id their US Revolver Co. revolvers. All the S/N that I have seen searched are way higher in number or with letter codes. Mine is a break top, 32 cal. nickel (chrome?) plated, hammered, s/n matching (trigger guard and...
  3. The 1911 Forum
    My father left me a Remington Rand 1911 AI. I appears that the gun was not given a factory serial number; it may have been a "lunch box", experimental or presentation gun. Nevertheless, their was a clear attempt to "legitimize" the gun: specifically, the number NJ2218487 appears on one side of...
  4. Centerfire Pistols & Revolvers
    My smith and wesson model 19-3 has 2 sets of numbers. One is k895950 and the other is 65127. Which one is the serial number. And any other info would be appreciated. It' a family disagreement.
  5. The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    I recently acquired an Iver Johnson break-top revolver as part of a trade. The novelty of it was what I found appealing and I wouldn't mind just having it around as a paper weight or conversation piece. I'm not really concerned about the value of the piece. On the other hand it might be fun to...
  6. Technical Questions & Information
    Colt Police Positive 38 Special. When cleaning my gun I noticed a number 7 under the serial number. 7 imprint looks the same as the serial number imprint. Can not find any reference to this extra number. Gun was purchased in a group for bank managers working for Marine Midland Bank. M.M.B...
  7. Technical Questions & Information
    All, I've seen a few posts about help with identifying Iver Johnson Defenders through a few photos and the serial number. Well, I tried to find out how to do this myself, but I couldn't figure it out. Hopefully I'll get some help through this post. I received an Iver John Defender from my...
  8. General Firearms Discussion
    Hi Guys and Gals, Hoping a Marlin enthusiast could help a lady out. I have a marlin semi auto 22lr cal grove barrels and cant find the SN anywhere on it. Does anyone know if this model was before 1968 and wouldn't have one?? Or if it does, where the heck do I find it???? Thanks a bunch, Penny
  9. The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    I've gotten my hands on an ij revolver. And don't know any info on it other than what I gather it being 32 long? 6 shot. Never shot it yet. Anyway it's only a three digit serial with no letter designator. 704. On guard and inside grip. That's all I got.
  10. The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    Hi, all! Signed up today to see if I could get some help identifying the year of manufacture for my antique .32. This pistol has been handed down from father to son, beginning with my great-grandfather. It is believed my great-grandfather carried this pistol with him when he fought in the last...
1-10 of 11 Results