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  1. 12 Guage shotgun bore size

    Large-Bore/Small-Bore Rifle/Shotgun
    Can anyone help me figure out whether my 12 guage is bored for 3" shells? It's a single shot break action "Crescent Certified" shotgun. It appears there is a "rib" and that point IS 3" from the end where you load the shell. There are no markings that state size shell it is chambered for. Any...
  2. Wazzup from PA y'alls

    Introduction Forum
    So I figured I'd put up an intro thread. My name's J.T. from Adams Co. and I like shooting guns. I have a soft spot in my heart for old guns or odd guns. I'm up to 9 guns and my girl has like 50-ish that she'll let me borrow. She even gave me a H&R break barrel 12 ga. with a stock that her daddy...
  3. CBS fires vice prez

    The Fire For Effect and Totally Politically Incorr
    this is truely horrifying, I'm surprised cbs fired her. Good on them! What a horrible human being!
  4. Intro from a Shall Issue State

    Introduction Forum
    Hi everyone. Thought I would drop in and introduce myself. I'm Giggles. Yes that's a call sign, no I didn't pick it, and yes I'm unfortunately stuck with it. Former LEO, current Protection Specialist and firearms enthusiast. I'm also happily cohabitating with a wonderful partner-- he is a...
  5. Sport Rifles

    Firearms News, Reviews, and Featured Articles
    Sport rifles are generally used for hunting whether it’s to bring down larger animals like deer or to hunt pheasants. This sport has been ongoing for decades with hunting been done for the purpose of collection of trophies or in some instances as a family activity that brings the members...
  6. New Tactical Training Video Tips Tutorials

    Self Defense Tactics & Weapons
    Hi All, Just wanted to share a new video I created with instructor Cazz. You may not know Fil "Cazz" Castaneda, but he is a really amazing instructor. I produce films and met him in the Florida Everglades. He's a former Marine Capt., 12 yrs, Air Marshall, Homeland Security and deploys with the...