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    I went to an auction Thursday and had the winning bid on a bunch of gun parts this was included in those parts is this a suppressor tube. All of the ones I've seen have a caliber specific hole in the non threaded end.
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    Have your wondered how suppressor works? I saw this video on another forums and had to borrow it.
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    Does anyone own & use a suppressed 9mm pistol?? I'm shopping for one and would appreciate any recommendations as to brand, how yours has held up or anything else useful. I like to shoot handguns behind my house but it frightens my dog. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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    Anybody ever seen one? Is it possible? Are there suppressors made for it or does the muzzle need to be turned down? I've searched for two days and have found hearsay evidence of it, but have yet to have seen any made to mount to a heavy or bull barrel!