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  1. TEXAS Independence Day

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    March 2 TEXAS Independence Day
  2. For @tedwitt

    The Pump House Saloon
  3. My Great Grandparents

    General Discussion
    We have been talking more and more about a move to Texas, so we have been looking at a lot of real estate.... And I was trying to look up family history also.. I actually have my great grandfathers Bible with there children's names recorded. I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this. They...
  4. Howdy from Houston, Texas - collect handguns

    Introduction Forum
    I'm born and raised Texan. I collect lots of different handguns. Mostly WW1 & WW2 (all countries), but I've been branching out, lately. I also have a decent Colt collection. Yesterday i bought a US Navy Ames Model 1842 Percussion & a British Barnett Light Dragoon Flintlock from the...
  5. Laws by state on carrying a gifted gun w/out a permit in an RV?

    The Constitutional & RKBA Forum
    I'm a woman traveling alone in a travel trailer that I live in. My friends have loaded me up with various weapons, one of which is a 12 gauge (shotgun?), in my friend's name, not mine. It's legal for him. I don't have a gun permit of any kind, no felonies or warrants or trouble either. I'm in...