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  1. New Female Shooter .. Please Critique My Video ... Still Learning!

    General Discussion
    Just started shooting not long ago. I was wondering if there are any common beginner level mistakes I should work on as far as accuracy goes. Any suggestions are appreciated. I just started shooting and am trying to learn as much as possible. I know somethings you cant always learn from a...
  2. AmericanGunChic

    Introduction Forum
    Hi, I am new to the forums. I am 22 years old and have just begun learning about firearms. I am documenting my journey on youtube as I learn about multiple ways that I as a woman can keep myself safe. I am taking an active role in my own personal security and am documenting it so that other...
  3. Ladies?

    Introduction Forum
    Hey all! I'm currently looking for more women who could give me advice and input on my first pistol purchase. I have a Ruger 10/22 and I have shot a Glock 30, an H&k .45, and the S&W bodyguard .380. was thinking of a 9MM.