‘Miraculous Bullet’

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    Try to read my again, my friends:

    MyThien is about 30miles NorthEast of DongTam. This county was all over around by VC, the only transportation for the people here is by Chopers.
    My flight got this order to supply for them by anyway for whatever, because they ran out off supplies and they need to take some wounded out. So we had to go with 3 Guns, one for C&C and one Slick for this mission, but with 2 goals supply& dustoff.
    I was a guns#1, Guns#2 is my wing, and other Guns#3 was spared in DongTam.
    We were extremely welcome by VC, look like 4th of July.. but I may say the mission was successfully completed, my Ship only got 4 bullets, my wing got none, but slicks got too many holes counld not count .
    Anyway lucky. Everything’s OK, accept this miracle one:
    On the way out I asked my copilot Duc: “Are you OK..”
    " I'm OK, but I fell a little strange & dizzy.. but I'm OK" my CoPilot reported....
    When we start to land at DongTam for refuel & reload to ready with another mission..
    Duc called me "No. no… , hell.. I fell bad now.. I think I may got hit in my back.."..
    That's true, he got a small wound in his back, the small wound about just 1' (look like a small cut), that cut looks like it goes up from left to right (from Gunner of my side went 'right' to him)..
    We had the steel cover jacket, but usually we just use 1 piece “chicken blade” in frond (we have 2 pieces but we don't need in the back).. Because it’s too heavy for us.. ..
    Go back about Duc; We flew him back into Cantho hospital, Doctor figured out he got a wound, took X-ray allover his body still could'nt find out the bullet.. They guessed: may be the bullet just touched & missed..
    He felt worse, dizzy, womit & got fever.. They checked over and over again and had to send him up to TanSonNhat Clinic & CongHoa hospital...
    This time they took X-ray of his head and found out the bullet is right under his nose bond (very good parking in very small area).. The Doctors, the Experts..,.. nobody found out why? &why?? &why???.. how in the world: the bullet went into the his back, and flew ziczag around and through his neck TO THE NOSE , then stoped on time..
    HOW??????????????????.. Doctor told me .. We have No idea at all, only I can said is “That a MIRACLE”... After days meeting, they decided just let him use medecine to cure it.. (can not make operation, very dangerous for his life).. It worked. He got better and better, but only be an duty officer & no more flight........And after that, his Nickname became Duc bullet...
    April/30/75... ran over, And 3 years later, in HoangLienSon far North of VN, I meet him on the Re-education Camp on labor moving supply mission.. Yep, yeh.., we wiped away our tears,.. can not talk to each other for a while.. just gave each other big hug .. and teared!!
    Showed me his small scar beside his nose, he said "the bullet was out"..
    "How, did VC do that for you??.. Can they do that?" ..
    "Nah, It just pushed out by itself, I only gave it a little cut .. And now here it is .. "
    He took the miracle bullet was wrapped carrefully in his wallet, and let me see it.. The bullet looked pretty, no small mark, no scratch.. at all ; looked brand new.. Now We laughed..
    “Duc! Your nickname now is changed : PrettyBullet or MiracleBullet" I try to joke..
    “I’ll call it ‘Miraculous Bullet’”… he replied.
    Never see him again 'til now.. My best whishes to him..
    Love&Bless you Duc.......


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    A wonderful story, Gunship,,

    I can only hope your friend Duc is alive and well somewhere,, he deserves to live a long and happy life,,,

    Stan H,,nighthawk

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    Your doing great at posting, please continue. Join us
    more often.

    This was a beautiful story and indeed it is a miracle.

    Always enjoyed your stories on MSNBC.....never forget you!

    Donna aka Boom Boom

    (Now Gunship, that aka means "affectionately known as")

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    Re: ‘Miraculous Bullet’
    Great story. I can relate to the story since we had a couple of instances where rounds (bullets) ended up doing some very crazy things.......one of our crewchiefs had a round deflect off his front "chicken plate" (armored plate that Hieu refers to) and went upward into his helmet and spiralled around inside his helmet a bunch of times simply chewing away the foam injection molding. He had some scratches but no major injury. That, too, was considered a "magic" bullet.
    As much as we hated to wear those "chicken plates" because of the weight and the heat, they were a comfort when a UH-1 helicopter had relatively zero armor except for the armored seat which in most of our aircraft after a short time showed a lot of chewing up from rounds and schrapnel from mortars.
    Great story Hieu........glad your pal Duc is still with us!

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    Ong Hieu,

    Great story. Ong Duc may qua! Very Lucky. Ong Troi thuong. I'm happy that both of you made it through. Looking forward to more stories from you. Ong viet hay qua!

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    Re: ‘Miraculous Bullet’

    Please join us more often my friend, please continue,
    you are a big part of our original group!

    Thumbs Up To You My Friend!

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    Amazing story about Duc's injury! So glad your friend is still with us!