“Some of the Answer” Firearm Training Manuals by Jim Crews

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    Feb 18, 2010
    Jim Crews’, Some of the Answer: The Legacy Collection, is a fully detailed, all inclusive collection of training manuals for a variety of firearm techniques and gun handling. These range from the Universal Gun Handling Rules to advanced casualty gun handling. You will be getting the complete set covering the handgun, the carbine and the shotgun, as well as the basic instructor’s manual, From Behind the Line, Technical Notes and Commentary. This collection is organized as a reference training manual for each weapons system which will equip the gun handler with essential knowledge necessary for proper gun handling. In addition to furnishing the gun handler with new techniques, furthering your gun handling knowledge, this set of manuals will serve as a complete guide for both left and right handed, single and two-handed shooters and will provide a permanent resource for many of your training needs. Some Of The Answer: The Legacy Collection is the gun handler’s bible, your encyclopedia of gun handling techniques.

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