03-A3 Bolt Play

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    just got a Smith-Corona 1903-A3 from CMP. Seems to have a considerable amount of bolt
    play--maybe between 1/64 to 1/32 of an inch. Anyway, is enough to rattle the bolt back and forth
    when it is closed. Is this excessive to the point of being unsafe? Should I have this rifle headspaced
    by a gunsmith? I had heard that some of these Springfields had not had the final reaming done
    because they had been rebuilt and never fired but I thought CMP did a max (no-go) headspacing
    measurement (including a test firing) before shipping. Thanks in advance for help here--wt

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    Re: bolt play
    I think I would have it headspaced and checked over by a good gunsmith. If he says it is fine shoot away

    It would be cheap insurance to make sure it is fine or not fine.

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    Hi choupique....Welcome to TFF.

    Yeah, have a smith check it out.....it may be OK, but why take the chance?

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    If you mean the play is back and forth, not side to side, yes - this means the lugs aren't in solid contact with the receiver ring. Definately get a 'smith to run some "go - nogo" and field gauges to check the headspacing. This could be a replacement bolt that never got inspected.
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