1,100 yard shots

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    England, thats the USN aircraft carrier near europ
    This happened on a Rifle range used by my shooting club (Altcar)

    A Mr G.E Rawson shot 7 Bulls from 7 shots at a range of 1,100 yards, impressive by today's standards, but this was in 1862 with a Whitworth rifle.
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    The Whitworth was an exceptional rifle and a great example of the fine tradition of rifle smiths in Britain. It was certainly capable of that kind of accuracy in the hands of a skilled rifleman. During the American War Between the States, many Whitworths were employed by Confederate marksmen and with the rudimentary telescopic sights of the time it was considered to have an effective range of up to 1,500 yards.

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    Wow, talk about reaching out and touching someone.:cool:
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    who said you need a Barret 50 cal. for long range shots
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    And it was our idiot government that turned down Whitworth in favour of more traditional round shot. Despite its much greater accuracy.

    Whitworth was also the first to standardise threads for nuts and bolts. Until then each company would cut threads to whatever pitch they felt was right. So no interchangeability.

    Even as a youngster fixing cars I knew of three three thread standards, Metric, Imperial and what we called Whit. Only many years later did I learn Whitworth was the original Victorian standard, invented by the same guy who invented the Whitworth rifle.
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