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1 3/4" mini shells?

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was reading an article about these.. actually about a keltec ksg sgotgun and it mentioned these.

I realize some remington and mossb have feed issue.. suposedly the ksg feeds them fine. ( guess the 14+1 ksg becomes a? 18+1 :) )

anyway.. anyone use these?

how are they?

are they only in 'shot' or do they come in buck or slug?

power vs a conventional 2 3/4 or 3" ?

where can ya get them?
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I get them at my LGS. They come in a duplex buckshotload with three #1 pellets and seven #4 pellets and a slug load. Cannt remenber velocity but they do kill up to 30 pound raccoons real fast. They also make a bird shot version that I have never used.

I imagine if you googled some ammo retailers you would find some online.
My bad. They are made by Aguila.
I bought some back when they first came out. A box of the birdshot (7 1/2, if I remember correctly) and a box of the buckshot. 20-round boxes, and they cost MORE than regular 25-round boxes of 2 3/4" stuff. So I never bought any more. Pay more for a smaller amount of weaker ammo? Didn't make sense to me.
how good did the buckshot do?

I bet one of those regular high capacity shotguns that holds like 12 or 14 +1 of 3" / 2 3/4" would hold like 18 of them lil ones. :)
That was back around '99, 2000 maybe. Way too long ago to remember how well it did or did not do. I do remember that, even though the write-up said they work fine in 870s, they would not feed in mine.

I wasn't impressed.
i've since seen reports that they do not feed well in 870's, and may need a mod on a mb 500. I imagine they are fine in break open guns.. and I believe they feed ok in the ksg shotgun. ( no verification of that though )
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