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1 st Time I Went to a Shooting Preserve

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Well a couple of weeks ago good friend called me up and said for me to met him about 100 miles from the house at 10:30 in the AM . I was told to be on time and to bring nothing .That we were going to do a little bird hunting .
David my friend has been very good to me .David is a few years older I think he will be 58 or 59 this year . A little about Dave he played pro baseball for a few years he is a natural shooter we met on a skeet field shooting skeet . And he very seldom misses , what i'm saying is forget it until he gets his limit Dove hunting behind him . Will i get there and here comes Dave down the road in an old Bronco 2 pulling a trailer with a 4x4 that has been converted into it looks kinda like a golfcart but with monster mudders . We drive a few more miles and we are at the preserve . He goes in the old tabacco barn thats been converted to a log cabin and later returns to unload the 4x4 and unhook the trailer to then hook the trailer to the 4x4 .
I start to see a vision oh boy me flying up and down in that trailer . See I'm a para have been for 19 years I could tell you about the times David pushing me at running speeds to try to get a shot at something I'm bouncing up and down holding on for dear life praying no holes out front to run into .
Will we get me loaded his 2 sons are waking up Charlie is in college great kid studing to be a lawyer hoping 1 day to be able to make a difference in the politicial world . And Audie he will be graduating this summer from High School to go in to the Army God help the US Army .Anyway we all load up and off we go Dave pulling me and the boys walk then all at once Annie the red lab locks up. I have never seen a pointer lock up any prettier than she pointed then Dave starting working with her and she flushed the 1st set of birds we got 2 . We only lost 1 bird out of 5 or 6 different sets
This went on all morning up to about 13:00 we decided to break and eat some lunch . Went back to the cabin and we cooked up some burgers hotdogs and beans .
While i enjoyed those bobwhites were a little tough to hit .I was in the middle and by the time they got up I fealt i was shooting near 1 of the boys let them get it . But the Chucker's I liked them they seemed to fly up about 10 -12 ft then fly off .I would wing threw like a high 8 on the skeet field and see a puff of feathers . Guys i had a blast i suggest anyone thats gets a chance to try it the guy at the peserve said he has a couple of guys in electric scooters work there dogs and he sets the birds out along the dirt road . Did i say I'm headed back on the 24 th dont have to ask if i enjoyed do ya.

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