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Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by Smokin Guns, Mar 8, 2003.

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    Reply 10/22 question
    It looks like the 10 round clip/magazine on the 10/22 can be taken apart. Before I attempt this and stuff goes flying apart, has anybody got any advice as to it ease, difficulty, tricks? I think it could use a good cleaning.


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    Very simple to take apart, not much inside. I normally just spray them full of Gun Scrubber, let them sit for a few minutes, then drain and hose`em again...let dry....done. If you look for them on sale, you can find them for $7.00 ea., I have yet to wear one out. Still trying to get some more 10/22 .22short magazines.....sold the last ones I had....boy are they fun....sounds like shooting a pellet gun.
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    Yes, it can be done, however I do NOT recommend it unless absolutely necessary.

    The allen-head screw on the front of the mag can be removed which will free up the backplate to be removed. The internal parts can then be removed to the rear. Under no circumstances should you detach the spring from the rotor. You might want to take a close-up Polaroid before you remove the parts to help you get it back together.

    The trick to putting it back together is making sure you put the correct tension on the spring. Not as easy as it looks.

    My advice, keep the magazine together and use a spray cleaner. Clean the feed throat with a brush.

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    I got this from rimfirecentral.com

    Servicing the 10/22 Clip

    The Ruger 10/.22 magazine [BX-1] is easily serviced. Here's how:

    1. Start by removing the magazine from the rifle and removing any cartridges that it may contain.

    2. Begin disassembly by backing out the socket head cap screw at the front using a 9/64" Allen wrench. When its almost out, push it back to push out the spring retaining cap on the other side of the mag. Keep your finger on this piece to prevent loss. Set the screw aside in a safe place.

    3. Remove the spring retaining cap from the spring noting how the end of the spring engages the small hole in the cap. Set the cap aside in a safe place.

    4. Remove the end of the magazine and set aside.

    5. Pull out the magazine rotor keep track of how it is positioned so you can put it back later.

    6. Slide the cartridge feed lips out of the magazine shell and set aside.

    7. Clean everything up in dish soap, SimpleGreen, or Hoppes, dry it off, and coat the spring with a very light coat of oil. Oil in the mag itself just gathers dust.

    8. Put the cartridge feed lips back into the top of the mag shell. The feed lips fit into the magazine shell tilted to the right, with the large boss fitting the hole in the back of the mag shell and the rounded end of the feed lip opening toward the back of the mag shell.

    9. Make sure that the end of the spring with the right angle bend engages the hole in the rotor.

    10. Put the spring and rotor into the mag shell. Notice how one of the vanes on the rotor is longer than the others? Make sure that this vane fits up into the cartridge feed lips, and that the end of the rotor engages the shoulder at the back end of the magazine shell.

    11. Put the front end shell cap in place, verifying that the rotor spring sticks out through the hole in the center and that the small boss on the cartridge feed lips engages the hole in the shell cap.

    12. Engage the protruding end of the rotor spring in the small hole in the shoulder of the spring retaining cap. Verify that the full length of the spring beyond the bend enters the hole. You may want to support the end of the spring with a small screwdriver when engaging the end in the cap hole.

    13. Thread the screw through the front of the mag shell and rotor and start the screw into the spring retaining cap.

    14. You need to tension the spring by winding the spring retaining cap in a clockwise direction. Start by taking up all the slack in the spring, verifying that the long rotor vane is visible between the cartridge feed lips. Note that the spring retaining cap has 6 flats on it. With all slack removed, turn the cap four flats more to tension the spring. Push the cap into the mag shell, then tighten the screw.

    15. Check the follower tension: it should be sufficient to snap smartly back when you depress the follower with a drift or screwdriver. If its not, loosen the screw and re-check the tension. It should take somewhere around 4 flats to get proper tension, maybe a bit more.

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    Reply Re: 10/22 question
    Welcome, and thanks for the post REPETE, we here at The Firearms Forum appreciate it.

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    just one suggestion. (It worked for me) To get the proper tension on the spring, I loaded the magazine, before started to twist the spring. Like this you not put too much tension on the spring, but get the most, so it will feed properly.

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    I have a guy at the club do mine in like 2 mins. The trick he uses is to put 1.5 turns on the spring and then seat it down and lock in the allen screw. I would not recomend spraying it full of anything. What seems to work for me is making sure the inside is as CLEAN as possible. I have went the other route, gets them going in a pinch, but seems like gets worse in the long run. I shoot mostly falling plate (Chevy truck challange type) so it's more about function than anything. The disassemble and cleaning with no lube seem to work best for us. I think rimfirecentral.com has a good 10/22 mag service tip with pics.


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    still think Doc's got the best answer
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