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    Reply 10 points for the right answer
    Iam getting out of longrange shooting ;I found my heart was in small stuff like 22lr. I have a range about 7-10min away,Iam going to join in the spring. But they dont have much organized shooting going on just some shot gun oh so much fun NOT. So Iam going to get some 22lr programs started thier like BR,3 position. I dont know what Iam doing this is a different ball game so I need as much help as I can get from people who know PLEASE. I have a Brno #4 target in exe cond. It looks like a very strong action to work with.I was going to have the barrel cut down 1-2" and rechambered with a match chamber its not a lot of work its going to cost me $100.00 to do not bad.What do you people suggest I do,so I need lots of help in this area action-gun-ammo-rest-and any other pointers you could give a shooter in need THANKS A LOT

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    Try the friendly www.odcmp.com/
    Ther was a bench rest 75yd program in the works with Presicion Shooting magazine www.precisionshooting.com,but SADLY the man in charge of the program has left us unexpectedly RIP 75yd was chosen as a breaking point,most can shoot 50 all day but 75 makes wind reading,and lighting effect on sights more a determining factor.
    But for just plain fun and to get people invoved get some metal targets,as in turkey/ram silouettes,.ie turkey shoots.
    Bullseye at 50,and go wild in a rimfire action type shot.
    BUT please ENFORCE safty,I've been around some who consider a .22 a pellet gun and can't hurt,needless to say I got away from them for good
    p.s. there's a good post in the competion section of this forum

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