10 year ago today

Discussion in 'General Military Arms & History Forum' started by jack404, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. jack404

    jack404 Former Guest

    Jan 11, 2010
    a mixed group of US and Australian troops parachuted into Afghanistan to bring justice to the folks slaughtered by the mutts in that nation , 10 years on and we are still there

    for every one who served over there

    Cheers To each and every one of you

    but too many have been lost with our politicians aiding the enemy and not letting us win AGAIN..

    it'd been done and dusted by 2004 at the latest if they'd butted out , but that the politicians hassle, they failed us , we failed no-one ..

    i'll be raising a glass or two to all those involved , it was a pleasure and a privilege.. now lets just nuke the place ( but invite all our politicians to travel there first for the new peace deal eh ? ;) ) solve a few problems at once ..

    Cheers all
  2. marlin795

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    Aug 11, 2011
    Northern California
    That's how I look at it. Let's just nuke all the middle east but Israel. I'm tired of them pissing all over us. ug I'm not going to that hell hole without kicking and screaming all the way there. But I will be in we don't get out soon. :mad:

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