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Let me start by saying I am completely new to reloading.
My step dad recently bought me a Hornady LocknLoad kit to start reloading. Ive reloaded with him only a few times and I plan to study and learn as much as I can before I get started. I'm building my bench now and getting everything lined out to get started.

I'm currently thinking a lot about my initial load work up.
I'm going to be shooting 105gr Amax bullets threw a Rem 700 SPS Varmint in .243.

A friend on mine loaded up the following load for me that shot 1/2" groups at 100yrds.

105gr amax
42.5gr of IMR 4350
Federal 210M primers
Seated at 2.800 COAL

The COAL is longer than all my reloading books state. Is this too long? Feeds well and shoots well I just want to be safe.

I'm curious since this load shot so well that I should just duplicate it. But reloading manuals I have looked at recently say that this is too high of a charge weight and its exceeded max pressure by 6000lbs. (66,000lbs)

Is this a safe load to start with?

Should I start at 38gr and work up to it in .5gr increments?

The fired brass show a slightly cratered primer where the firing pin hits it, but the edges of the primer are not flattened. I will add pics of the fired brass soon. Is this a sign or too much pressure or is it just because the Rem 700 firing pin hole is larger than the firing pin?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Please advise if any information needed to answer my questions is not provided above.

I just finished my reloading bench on Sunday. Here are a few pics.



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You should develop your own loads just for experiences sake. But that is not a overly dangerous load. The rem 700 firing pin holes are large and will show cratered primers even with perfectly safe loads. Best to measure the web and look for extractor marks to read pressures. that and loose primer pockets. if youre getting flopy primer pockets after a couple reloads thats a pretty definite indication your loads a little hot. Youd be hard pressed to blow that rem 700 up with the .243 round. even if you filled the case plum to the rim with 4350 and smashed a bullet down on top..

I use the 105 Hdy Amaxes in my remage build. But im using a 26" heavy barrel with an 8 twist and 4000MR powder. Getting a shade under 3000 fps and almost 1/4MOA. they are good bullets.

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Nice bench. Recently purchased a savage axis in 243. It prefers the Amax with 40.5 gr IMR 4350 in R/P with fed 210 primer. COL of 2.695. Do not have a chrono but it is very accurate. Good luck and enjoy your new reloading hobby.

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Nice bench. I would sagest more lighting, and work up some loads on your own. Harnody's loading manual is great. allso gives you the fastest to lowest burn on the most popular powders. that will help you out alot.
just a coupl quick things I have found out the hard way real quick.
1) faster the burn the less the powder needed. usaly. to little can couse over presher also.
2) you are toping that .243 with the heavey end of the bullet weight. So check your rifle for the twist rate.
don't realy want it above 1in9 if it is use a smaller weight bulet.
High twist rates and heavey dullets don't give ya the best results.
starting out try to keep it at about 3000fps. my exp. is thats usaly your flatest shooting for .243

Did I miss any thing JLA.

Oh ya if you keep trying and it dosen't seem to be doing what ya want. post it on here we will do our best.
And JLA Is usaly 99% on with load formulas.
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