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(1/19/02 1:28:32 am)
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I was talking to an old friend couple days ago,and he
mentioned he was going to sell his Colt Delta Elite.I
think he told me it was in 10mm.I seem to remember
back in the 80's that this was a pretty hot round,and
that the FBI were going to use it.What happened to
the round ? No stopping power,hard on the gun,limited
grain loads,what ? I am thinking of buying this gun,as
I truly do favor Colts,and have a few revolvers and a
couple of autos.No Delta though.Any opinions I'll take

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(1/19/02 3:16:20 am)
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Hey BG, I had a S&W 610 revolver in 10mm that took moon clips. I loved the gun. It was a sweet revolver. As for the 10mm in pistol. The FBI were going to use it for its power then some apparently were wussie wristed and could not take the power. Also the Idea of a 45 or 40 with 16+ round was a benefit they could not pass up. Some complaned that they could not retain target alignment on repeated shots with the 10mm. Some rounds were tamed down, but that brought it to the 40S&W range. There again making 16+ rounds more beneficial that a single stack of 10mm.

Right now I have a Para Ordance in 40S&W that I am going to convert to 10mm. Now my Idea of self protection is 16+1 rounds of 10mm. Almost all calibers can be reloaded to be accurate. I love the 10mm power. It is near the 41 mag numbers. close to the 40 super from what I have heard.

If I had the opportunity and the money, I'd go for the Colt in a heart beat.

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(1/19/02 10:49:44 am)
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Every now & then a new "Wonder Cartridge" comes along, gathers a fad following, but just can't stand the test of "is it any better than what we've already got?" Frequently, the answer is "No".

According to Cartridges Of The World, "Actual ballistics are generally about 100 fps slower than early factory claims, so actual 10mm Automatic factory loads do not significantly exceed 45 Automatic +P ballistics."

You could probably handload it to near .44 Mag numbers, but is it really worth it just to raise your Hatcher scale numbers from 95% to 97%?

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(3/4/02 5:26:24 pm)
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Female agents couldn't handle the recoil.

SW Man
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(3/4/02 6:43:27 pm)
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There was also a pratical reason why the 10mm did not last as a defensive cartridge. The 40S&W is the same bullet and has good stopping power WITHOUT the problem of the 10mm. And that is that the 10mm had a nasty habit of competely penetrating targets like the human body and going into something(or someone)else. They are a great target or hunting caliber, but excessive for selfdefense. This is the same situation that you see in the 44 Mag and the 44 special. The more powerful cartridge has too much penetration. And although one might think that the 45acp would have a similar problem, it does not as it is a large caliber with less velocity and greater impact so it stops better.
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(3/13/02 11:57:46 pm)
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Ditto Shooter22.
If you want my oppinion, the reason the 10mm didnt flourish with the FBI is that it is an "enthusiasts caliber"...IOW it takes practice and disiplin to master. It does have more recoil than a 9mm or .38, but is by no mean uncontrolable. To quote an old commercial "that tingle means its working"
If you take a close look at caliber trends, you will see that acceptace with law enforcement and/or millitary is what makes or breaks a caliber in the main stream. The sheepl would rather let the police do the thinking for them and get what they think is best. Think about it, everyone wanted a .357mag in the 70's a 9mm in the 80's a .40 in the 90's.

one of the greatest and most overlooked aspects of the 10mm is its versitility. It can effectively be used for 2 legged defence, back woods critter defence, medium game hunting, and would make the perfect SHTF bug-out sidearm. With a little practice, I can hit an 8inch spinner at 100yds with regularity and no apreciable hold-over...and put around 500ft/lbs on target at that range.

compairing off the shelf ammo, the 45+p puts out about 460ft/lbs. The 10mm can easily add 100+ft/lbs to that with just about any commercial load. I hold in my hand right now some smokeing Gray Area Ammo "maximum thrust" 180gr HP's that safely put out 1375fps and 755ft/lbs out of my stock Glock 20. I dont care how many p's you put behind it, there aint much (maybe the new triton .45 SMC or .40super) that you can shoot in a practical sized auto that can do that...without unsafe handloading. Add in the fact that you can get 15+ rounds of off-the-shelf 10mm's in the magazine of a concealable auto, and you have IMO the perfect pistol for anny occasion

Just remember SW Man, what completely penetrated one man may not even reach the vital in another. Besides, I dont see complete penetration as a bad thing. 2 holes let more light in and blood out. For the M&S beleavers out there (I'm not personaly one of many ammo makers on his sponcer list) a 10mm FMJ rates only one point less effective than the venerable .45 hydrashock. If that dont say it all, nothing does.
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(3/14/02 12:02:05 am)
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anyone have any verifiable stats on the number of folks killed by overpenetarting bullets that hit COM on the first target?
I personaly havent seen any. the only one I remember seeing was conserning the 147gr 9mm and it was a periferal hit on the first target.
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