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Hello all.

This is my first post in here.
I thought it might as well be about a Dutch rifle.
My Dutch Beaumont cases had to be sized after firing, but I didn't have the cash to buy an original Beaumont die set.
They are a bit too expensive for my budget over here.
Then I heard that a .45 Long Colt die set would do the job too. :D
I borrowed the .45 Colt die from a friend.
It was just collecting dust at his place. :cool: ;)
I think it worked out quite well.

Made some pictures of it.

The case comes out of the Beaumont like this.

Resizing step 1.

Resizing step 2

Resizing step 3.

Resizing step 4.

From left to right.

1) Case the way it comes out of the Beaumont
2) Resized with the .45 Long Colt die set
3) Case belled so it can accommodate the 340 gn .457 Beaumont bullet.

Priming the cases using the RCBS press instead of the LEE auto-primer.

Primed and unprimed case.

Looking good.

Resized using the .45 Colt die

Didn't cast this one myself.

....These are self made.....and they fly fantastic.

Any questions........just let me know.

Met vriendelijke groet,

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