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(12/11/02 7:11:01 pm)
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I'm interested in a .17 Remington I see Remington still makes it, but can one take a say decent used .223 Rem. and put a nice barrel chambered for the hot little .17 Rem. say I use a Shilen barrel what else would need to be done to do it right, or would the used action be an insult to the nice barrel ? any information would be appreciated.

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(12/11/02 9:41:06 pm)
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Sounds like a viable project to me.

The bolt face and magazine length of a .223 will accomodate the .17 Rem cartridge (which is derived from the .222 Rem case).

If this cartridge turns your crank, go for it. There's nothing wrong with rebarreling a used action. The Shilen barrels are about as good as they come - I have a couple that are top notch. Just remember this hot round tends to foul the barrel very quickly. Throurgh cleaning is advised after a maximum of 15 rounds.
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