.17HMR.....If you must

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    Names have been removed to protect the innocent....LTS

    I finally got the 17VS and shot several gtoundhogs with it before I really had a chance to sit down at the bench and mess with it. I put a 6x18 Redfield (1976 vintage) on it. I was absolutely amazed at how this thing will shoot!!! It shot .449 at 100 yards. I couldn't stop myself so I had to shoot 200 yards. 2 groups averaged .877!!! A rimfire at 200 yards under an inch. The drop is rather significant at 200. Sighted 1.5" high at 100 will be right at 6"low at 200. I managed to kill a measured and witnessned groundhog at 202 yards!! The little pill is running out of steam at that distance though! Hit in the jaw with bullet terminating in throat he still managed about 10 feet of crawling. Up to 160 yards, head or neck shots are DRT(dead right there)! Let us know what your experiences are with this thing!!!


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    Re: .17HMR.....If you must
    Hmm sounds like a .22 magnum job to me.
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    U said U were gonna put a grenade launcher on yore ol garand U got so many chucks

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    Reply .17
    Sorry, all your .22 Mags are now obsolete

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    YEAH, RITE!!!!!
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