185 gr Lead Semi Wad Cutter Ammunition Question

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Reply 185 gr Lead Semi Wad Cutter Ammunition Question
    I have had consistent feeding problems with 185gr LSWC in my Springfield 1911. I've tried all sorts of OAL's from 1.250 to 1.230 with no real improvement. The kicker is, I can take the same rounds that just jammed the 1911 and run them through my model 21 Glock with no problem (maybe LIKTOSHOOT has the right idea).
    Is this an ammo problem or are the Springfield 8 round magazines the culprit here. They seem to feed everything else OK (FMJ 230gr, Hollow Points, etc.).
    Any ideas?

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    OHHHHHHHH, that hurts....no plastic guns fer me, thank-ya. I have a couple of SF`s and they chew 185`s up, I don`t really like them, though, depending on what you are shooting and shooting for, my choices are 200gr RNL and 230gr RNL. I polish the feed ramp on all mine. Are you trying to stay at the minimun power factor? LTS

    ps...SF mags suck, get some Wilson`s or McCormick`s.
    The SF follower leaves much to be desired and does not provide the best feed angle/

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    I had trouble with 185s years ago, got them to feed, but never liked them. I even had trouble with the 185 FMJ SWCs. I then used 200 gr H&G #68 SWCs and they feed like the dickens, was the standard IPSC load back then for EVERYBODY. The snout is a little longer.

    I used one with rounded nose, but sometimes I used some with sharp edges and they all fed fine.

    I use(d) Pachmayr and Wilson Combat mags exclusively, and Devel when I absolutely positively HAVE to have 8 in the handle... But then I remember I started competing with three Colt mags, and they fed fine through them. In fact I still have 2 of the 3 original Colts I bought new in 82 or 83, used them as "practice mags" after a couple of years, I have no guess how many rounds I have through each, at least 20-30K.

    The only reason I don't use the third is it got "run over."

    Polish the ramp, bevel the throat, and the SWCs will feed as good as hardball.

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    Reply 185 gr Lead Semi Wad Cutter Amm
    Thanks for the helpful comments. Not really trying for a minimum power factor and have no really good reason for shooting the 185 grainers - except I have a box of 500.
    I have heard that the Wilson mags are the way to go for maximum reliability.
    I'll play with this load a little more and perhaps pick up a couple of Wilson mags and if I'm still having problems, I'll regulate the 185's "for Glock use only" on the lid.

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    M19, try seating the 185 gr. swc a little deeper. Try 1.170" to 1.175 OAL. Load a few and see if that will help. Also try Wilson or Metalform Mags.

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    These Folks could help You even more if You would elaborate on Your feeding problem, for instance, is it going half way into chamber? not feeding up into chamber mouth? or perhaps not fully closing, the more info You furnish, the better advice They can give, so many things to be considered, Good Luck with Your Springfield, I love mine,
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    Sounds like a feed-ramp problem.

    Try taking off the slide.....leave the barrel and link pin in. Put the barrel in the "in battery" position. How much of a step is there between the feed ramp and the chamber?

    I polish out any step, so the feed ramp transitions smoothly into the chamber.

    I wouldn't recommend a dremel tool......get a 3/8 or 7/16 wooden dowel....for 3/8, use 3 or 4 turns of 400 grit crocus cloth, for 7/16, one turn.....and polish, polish, polish, until it's just about there....then go to 600 grit and polish both the feed ramp and entrance to the chamber till there's a smooth transition and it's as as smooth as glass.