1860 or 1858 New Army???? Much Needed HELP

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    I have just purchased my first Black Powder Revolver...(a 1860 army .44) from Cabellas. It is made by Pietta. It is a very nice repo, but i was a little disappointed on how hard it was to change the cylinder...(I purchased a spare cylinder). Would a 1858 New Army be easier to change cylinders at the firing range? And what are the opinons about these Revolvers...Thank everyone for the much needed help...

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    Welcome to the forum, Gunnutt -

    Don't have much experience with the 1860 Colt type c&b.

    The 1858 your refer to is most probably the Remington 1858. This cylinder is relatively easy to exchange. There is a wedge pin in the front of the frame that must be drifted out, the cylinder pin moved forward to clear the cylinder, then, rotate the cylinder to the right to remove. To install, the hammer has to be cocked slightly to clear, the cylinder placed back in the frame and the cylinder pin and wedge pin reinstalled. Not much to it really.
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    Don´t understand problems with Colt 1860?
    You simply put half-cock, pull the wedge, direct lever against the wall between chambers of cylinder and press to remove barrel. Change cylinder, (swab the cylinder pin,) install barrel, press wedge, full cock and make smoke!!!

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    Hi Gunnutt and Igrlik......welcome to TFF!

    Thanks for the info. Nice to see new members contributing their expertise.

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    My first and till now the only BP pet is Pietta's replica of Griswold&Gunnison's 1851 .44 brass Reb Navy. I bought it used, but in quite good condition. Very nice shooting... Now try to find something in .36, Colt 1862 Police is very nice...
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    No wedge pin in the 1858 Remington. :) If you drop the loading lever the pin will pull forward out of the cylinder and the cylinder will drop out. The spare can then be put in by reversing this procedure. If you practice you can do this in less than 12 sec.:D

    The Spiller and Burr is the next easiest to do this with. The 1860 takes a little longer but can be changed quickly with practice. I have all three.
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    hello guy's! farely new to b.p.
    I my self have the"pietta"1858 new army,And am very pleased with the easy cylinder swap on this pistol.
    I've been shooting 3 year's now.put about 4500 round's threw it so far.
    I have the blued gun with 4 extra S.S.cylinder's/nippel's to boot. great pistol I must say.

    love plinking around,And the once and a while squirrel hunt. 5 so far.
    out of ? well you know! :D :D :D.200 or so.

    150 gr.round ball with 25 gr. of triple-7 FFFg. 3" group at 25 yard's free hand
    bought it cabela's $160.00+tax

    fun shooting guy's.
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