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    Hello. Just the other day I was in my local hardware store in the gun department when a gentleman brought in an 1873 Winchester that he was looking to sell. At first I thought it might be an original Winchester and I was interested. I bought an original 1873 saddle ring carbine back when I turned 19 and it had seen its better days but still in good working order and was my first rifle I ever bought. I paid a little over 400 bucks but what did I care....I cut many yards to get that rifle. I always wanted a Winchester 73 after watching the movie Winchester 73 with Jimmy Stewart. Back when I bought that gun was when guns were kind of cheap back in the 1972 compared to gun prices today. Soon all my shooting friends were calling me Billy the Kid since I had that rifle and my great grandfathers 1877 Colt Thunderer .41 Long Colt...still have it. That old Thunderer dates back to 1879 and the rifle dated back to 1878 and was a 44/40...one of my favorite cartridges. Sure....I shot that old gun and it shot good and shot black powder rounds. Only shot the colt 5 times since 41 colt cartridges are tough to find. Anyway... The guy behind the counter only offered to buy the gun for $150 and the owner walked away happy with the cash. I asked Jim behind the counter to look at it and I ended up buying it. I sold my 1873 when I was 25 so I could buy my first Marlin 45/70 for hunting. That old 44/40 was just under powered for black bear. This 1873 reminded me of my old one and it was in decent shape for a replica. The only thing is...it's not made by Uberti which makes the replicas today. It's made by ARMI SAN PAOLO. I never heard of them before but I was happy that it was a 44/40. Has anyone ever heard of this company before??? It's marked on top of the barrel ARMI SAN PAOLO BRESICA ITALY and marked on the tang MODEL 1873 in fancy writing like my original. Has a sliding trapdoor in the butt plate also. On the bottom of the brass carrier it's also marked 44/40 Cal. It doesn't have a saddle ring but it's a carbine. The only problem with the gun is the rear sight. It has a ladder flip up sight but the pin that the sight pivots on was missing and someone replaced it with a cut down nail and the numbers on the sight are marked on the wrong side. When you flip the sight up you have to look on the other side to read the numbers. Anyone know where I can find a new sight for it? Other problem is there are a couple of screws buggered up from a screw driver and I wanted to replace them. I don't know if Uberti parts will work on this gun. I looked all over the internet and different gun parts websites and can't find any parts for it. Also...on the side of the receiver it's marked DGG in a small circle. Overall I'm happy with it and it shoots great. It has some wear here and there with some light scratches but oh well. It was carried more than fired. The action is very tight and bore is in great shape. Not like my original with pits and rust. I heard the owner say that he only shot about 20 rounds through it. I Only paid $220 tax and all...can't beat that price...less than what I paid for my original back in the day. If anyone can help me out on where I can find parts I appreciate it...Pictures are below

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