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(6/17/02 3:14:39 pm)
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I have a model 1886 Winchester light weight sporting rifle in take down configuration. It is chambered in 33win and was purchased new by my grandfather at Sears Roebuck for a whopping sum of just over $30.00 in 1933. This rifle is in nearly the same condition now as when he bought it, ie perfect bore, 90% or better bluing, etc. As near as we know (the family) it has had about 70 rounds put through it. Ser #1584XX. Needless to say it is a heirloom and will never leave the family but I am wondering what money value could be placed on it and how hard would it be to replace with another of like condition. Thanks

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(6/17/02 5:20:38 pm)
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Re: 1886 Winchester
Your gun was actually manufactured in 1920. It was not unusual for the guns to be sold some years after the actual manufacture date (some 86's remained in inventory until the 1930's).

The .33 LW-TD is one of the latest configurations of that rifle, and is one of the most often encountered in good condition. Even so, in the condition you describe it is still a solid $1750-plus gun. I would place an insured value of $2000 on the gun.
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