1894 U.S. Springfield Armory-30-40 Krag I assume but need help

Discussion in 'Curio & Relics Forum' started by mark sam, May 6, 2012.

  1. mark sam

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    May 6, 2012
    Hi Folks: I'm a new member. I inherited from my Grandfather (dead for nearly 50 years now) a 30-40 Krag (If my limited understanding and research is correct) I will attempt to attach some photo's for you to review. It is stamped: U.S. Springfield Armory 1894 - 4900 (assume serial number) There is no "M" designation, no other stamps or info on the rifle. From what i read, 1894 is not listed as a "variant" of the 1892 or other model krags? It has the trapdoor, missing bayonet, missing cleaning rod, etc. It has sentimental meaning, I want to get it cleaned up and kill a big game animal with it. It has not been fired for over 50 years at least. You will note the front sight was replaced with a filed down buffalo head nickel, made in desperation by my grandfather while packed deep into the mountains in the late 1920's. I will attempt to post the pics now and hope you folks can share some info about this particular model. Is it a model 1894? Or was it made in 1894 for example, these are the questions I am starting with. Thanks for your help.

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  2. Gabob

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    Dec 5, 2005
    You are correct. It is a 30-40 US Krag. Glad to see the stock has not been cut down as many were. The 30-40 is a good game cartridge. I killed the largest animal I ever shot with a Krag. ( One of my cows had gone wild in a remote area behind my house and attempts to trap her failed. One shot from the Krag and she dropped so fast I did not see her fall. Took six men to unload her at processing plant after I had loaded her with tractor)

  3. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    It is a Model 1892, made in 1894, the 4900th made. While the model was designated 1892, production did not start until the beginning of 1894. At that time, the decision was to mark the year of manufacture on the receiver, not the model year. That was changed, but not until 1896, so there are no Model 1892 rifles marked as Model 1892.

    If that rifle were in better condition, it would probably bring a fair amount of money, but to you I am sure the value as an heirloom is many times any pure monetary value.

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