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All WCF means is Winchester Central Fire. It should be a 30 WCF or a 33 WCF, or something like that. 30 is probably the most common caliber. The old 30/30.

Is the gun nickel plated, or has all the bluing been removed?

That gun has what is commonly called a "button magazine" or "half magazine". Instead of extending the entire length of the barrel, and if that's a 24" barrel that would give your about 8 round capacity, the magazine stops at the front of the forearm, giving you about 4 round capacity. The piece of metal plugging the end of the magazine tube looks like a button on the front of the forearm - thus the name.

Sometimes they stick out a little, like this one.

And sometimes they are flush, like in your picture.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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