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A pawn shop I visit occasionally got a 1905 Mosin Nagant rifle in recently. This one has me kinda confused.
The numbers on the receiver and bolt match, but they look way too good to be from 1905. The bluing on the bolt is almost perfect. The bore is very good, stock is clean, it all looks too good to be so old. The floor plate of the magazine and the butt plate have different numbers, but are also good.
It's also got all the hardware on the fore end it should have, but it seems a little shorter then a 91/30. Not carbine short, just a little shorter.
Unfortunatly, someone replaced the rear ladder sight and front post with standard front and rear sights from a hunting rifle.
They only want $119. for it, it really tempted me.
Do you think this is just a bubba'd rifle, or was there a rifle in 1905 that was a little shorter that wouldn't be worn out?
What is the factory stamp on the receiver?? If short might be a Cav Carbine like the motorized regiment of WWII they had the M44.
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