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Bob In St Louis
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(5/18/01 7:55:47 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All 1907 Savage Semi-auto Pistols.
It's a small world after all -- or however that durn song goes. While at work, I was talking on the phone to a fellow in our Bettendorf Iowa office today. Somhow, the conversation came around to firearms, and I found out he was a fellow Cruffler. Not only is he a Cruffler, but also he has a vast expertise in Savage Model 1907 Semi-Auto pistols. He has a web site dedicated to the Savage semi-autos at:

As the conversation progressed, I found out he was buddies with Len Antaris, the fellow who wrote "THE" book on Astra Pistols, and is producing a book now on Star pistols. I am trying to make arrangements now to get up to Bettendorf so I can meet Len, and fall at the feet of my master and kiss his shoes.
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(5/20/01 7:49:59 am)
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I'd love to have one of those 1907s in .45acp......not a great pistol, but a historical one.

BTW, Savage was contracted to build M1911A1s during WWII. The never mangaged to build any complete pistols, but did make some replacement slides.
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