1907 sprngfld. bayonet (odd scabbard)

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    Picked this up at flea mkt. for my 1903 Springfield, nice ones are way too pricey! Paid $80, fair or snookered?? Blade mkd. SA bomb 1907, other side, US and #. Grips actually rather decent, metal obviously cleaned up, pos. wirebrushed rust removal, lots of fine pitting, very little finish, quite sharp!
    Scabbard is something else! Leather covered metal of some sort (non ferrous) top with belt hook looks WW11. Fits great but looks re-made, re-built, home made, foreign or whatever, no markings. Any comment??

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    Dartswinger - looks like you lucked out! That is a pretty nice SA 1903 Springfield bayonet. Great price, in my humble opinion, too. $80 is a very good deal. I've seen just the bayonet alone selling for $160+. I think even the reproductions are going for near $75.

    I thought at first that your scabbard was like the one I have for my Springfield bayonet. That one was an 'alternate' bayonet scabbard issued for both the 1903s and the M1917 rifle bayonets. The British had one like it for their SMLE, but their's used a 'frog' to attach to the belt, while ours had the hooks. From further study of your picture, looks to me like you have the 'inner' portion of the M-1910 scabbard. I have seen the outer scabbard covers for sale in the recent past. I think you will be able to find a cover for yours at a reasonable price.

    I'm sure somebody else will know a bunch more than me, as I'm just a casual collector. Hope this helps!
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