1908 MS Carbine

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    Dec 7, 2008
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    I have a 1908 MS Carbine that from all indications and history, is in perfect mechanical condition. I have purchased 8X56 MS ammo from Quality Cartridges to use to sight it in properly. I intend to sight it in with its old Hensoldt scope and Lyman aperture sights so that I can tip over a couple of deer next Fall. I know that the 8X56 MS was the round used to normally chamber the 1908 Model. Before I shoot it I would like to know if there is some failsafe way, short of casting the chamber, of telling whether that is in fact the chambering for this rifle. It does not appear to have been altered in anyway, and the land and groove diameter measure appropriately for an 8MM. However, if it is in 8X57 or some such; I could ruin this precious old rifle, not to mention myself shooting 8X56 ammo in it. How do I definitively tell if this is an original 8X56 MS chambering? Thanks.
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