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    Can anyone comment on the Wison 1911 barrel compensator ?

    And why Wison says "Requires Wilson #148-5" guide rod or stock recoil spring plug shortened to 1.2".

    If this is a replacement for the bushing what has to be done to the guide rod or recoil spring and why ?

    I think this Wilson guide rod is 2 piece, why would that be better ?

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    I got one of Wison's comp's and did install his 2 pc full length
    guide rod.To tell you the truth,I didn't fire my Gov.that much
    with it on and that was last year.I seem to remember a slight
    decrease in recoil.I took it off to get used to the
    recoil of a 45acp rnd coming out of a 5"barrel.I guess if you
    want to spend the money you could get one,but you might
    want to go to a gunshow and see if you can get it and the
    guide rod at a better price.Other words I wouldn't buy the
    comp a second time,the guide rod yes,but not the comp.Gd