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I am having a heck of a time in finding answers to this question. I have a custom built 1911 (i.e mixed and matched parts) in .40 cal. I chose to go with .40 due to me getting as much federal 180 grain jhp i can get my hands on to shoot. I have read that the .40 is not the ideal selection for the 1911 due to its shorter casing, also that some 1911s do not like anything but military ball ammo. I have not had ample time to feed this beast enough ammo to complete what you would call a break in period, but this question will not get out of my head.

What strength recoil spring should be used (or is recommended) for a 180 grain federal JHP .40 cal in a full size gov't 1911?

I currently have a 18.5# recoil spring.

Info on the gun; Frame- Caspian recon frame with light rail
Slide; STI gov't length frame
Barrel; From numeric arms (i have no idea if they are the manufacturer, or just the distributer, the receipt does not say)
And the remaining parts are mixed and matched ranging from wilson combat to cylinder & slide.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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