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    What are the different 1911 sizes and their names? I am almost certain nearly every 1911 maker has a 5" Government Model as their full size. Have seen longslides (none recently, just in movies like Thief and the Terminator) which have barrels longer than 5". I don't know of any who actually make or made them besides like the AMT, which was used in the first Terminator movie. Then I am pretty sure Colt's different 1911 models are the Commander, Defender and Officer model. I don't know the barrel lengths. One of my friends who wants to get into guns and doesn't know what different 1911s there are was just wondering if someone would care to weigh in on this. Also what caliber the different models are. I am almost certain you can get them all in .45ACP, but I thought some like the Commander are also available in 9mm. Also, what 1911 size would the best choice be for a ccw? I'd definitely think something smaller than the full size. Thanks.
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    Full size is the Government model. 5" barrel.
    I think Kimber calls that the Classic.
    Then you have the Colt Commander. 4 1/2" barrel.
    Then Kimber has their version of the Commander - the Pro. 4" barrel.
    Colt Officers is a 3 1/2" barrel, with a shorter grip, that only holds 6.
    Kimber makes that, too - calls it the Compact.
    Auto Ordnance makes a Pit Bull, which is the Officers top on a Commander bottom, so it's 3 1/2" barrel with a 7-shot grip.
    Kimber makes a Pro top with a Compact bottom, so it's a 4" barrel with a 6-shot grip - don't remember what it's called.
    I'm pretty sure that Springfield makes one that is smaller than an Officers - 3" barrel, maybe? Don't know what that's called.
    I don't know the "Defender".

    Sure was easier, back when I was a yonker. Only Government Models and Commanders, and they all either said Colt or US. Now it's just - confusing.

  3. NonPCnraRN

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    Dec 24, 2009
    Springfield makes a 6" longslide.
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