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2nd 1911 this week on forum that is grinder/buffer abused......what do people think?....sorry,dumb question
In 1975 I bought a pistol at a yard sale in South Texas..The seller asked me the caliber I told her it was a 45..She said how about a dollar per caliber. I bought the gun for $45 bucks.
The walnut grip scales were rotted around the screws.I decided to take it to the local Gun Store for repair.When the gunsmith was checking it in he noticed that the Serial number had been ground off lifetimes ago. He suggested I turn it over to a detective that happened to be in the store..The Detective took my info along with the gun. Some several months later I received a phone call from the Gunsmith telling me to come pickup my gun..
I had no idea what he was talking about as I had forgotten all about the gun..It turned out to be a Govt issue 1911…ATF had taken the gun..ran a test on it to see if it had been used in a crime..They stamped the gun..ATF and the last four numbers of my Social Security number and sent it back to me..I traded it off years ago..
The old thing rattled to beat the band but worked without fail..
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