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1911A1 Eisenhower Commemorative

Discussion in 'The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum' started by CountryGunsmith, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. CountryGunsmith

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    Jan 29, 2003
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    (12/28/02 8:29:00 am)
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    Can anyone comment on value of Colt 1911A-1 Eisenhower Commemorative mint condition in presentation case with papers, rod, papers and gloves? Pistol was purchased through U.S. Historical Society about 1993. Thanks for any replies!

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    (12/28/02 9:01:08 am)
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    Your gun isn't list in the latest Blue Book as a Colt Commemorative.....which isn't suprising, since they only list commemoratives that were marketed by Colt. A lot of organizations have ordered special Colts made, and sold them themselves, so they're not listed in the Blue Book.

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    (12/28/02 10:52:12 am)
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    Re: Ike Commermorative
    This is a tough one to pinpoint due in part to what
    Xracer has said, but I'm sure one of the folks here
    will try to come up with what info is available.

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    (12/28/02 12:53:39 pm)
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    One sees these non Colt commenmoratives up on auction every now and then. The market for them is slight. Someone paid a very high price for the original gun. I,as a collector of 1911 and A1 military guns, am not attracted to these at all. Few sell in the after market for the original price. Most, I would suspect, are ones the original buyer sold for a loss to the current seller.

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    (12/28/02 1:42:56 pm)
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    Thanks all for input those far. Actually, this pistol belongs to my son-in-law, whose late father purchased it direct from the U.S. Historical Society as offered by the Assocation of Graduates of the U.S. Military Academy. I am sure he purchased it because he was retired Army colonel and West Point grad. I believe he paid about $1,300 for it. I will be interested in any further comments!

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    (12/28/02 3:56:56 pm)
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    mb280sl.....I can see buying a commemerative if it has some special historical or sentimental value to the buyer, as in the case of your son-in-laws father who was a West Point grad....and may even have served under, or greatly admired, Ike. He probably didn't buy it as an investment.

    Anyway, here are some in the same general price range that are listed:

    1981 "John M. Browning" .45 ACP Semi-Auto (3,000 Made)

    Issue price: $1,100
    Now (100%): 995

    1990 Joe Foss Limited Edition .45 ACP Gov't. Model (300+ Made)

    Issue price: $1,375
    Now (100%): 1,450

    1911A1 50th Anniversary Battle of the Bulge (300 Made)

    Issue price: $1,250
    Now (100%) 1,495

    As investments, generally speaking, commemeratives stink. Some of the early ones have appreciated nicely, but then everybody jumped on the bandwagon......especially Winchester. I swear there isn't anything they haven't commerated.

    BTW, does anybody want to buy a nice, NIB, Winchester '94 "1987 Bucksport, Maine, Opening Of The New Recycling Facility Commerative"?

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    (12/31/02 5:14:49 pm)
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    OK.....I've finally found it!

    U.S. Historical Society, Eisenhower .45 Auto. Made by Springfield, 1,000 made in 1992, Issue Price was $1,675.

    It took a while....but we finally made it!

    As to $$$ value now.....I guess whatever you can get for it.

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    (1/2/03 6:27:29 pm)
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    Thanks, Xracer,

    I will pass on this info to my son-in-law. His father served under Ike and brought back some items to which the son, also a former Army officer, does have sentimental attachment. This pistol is not among them, so I suppose he will sell it. Your help is appreciated.