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    Reply 1991A1 questions
    Hi all

    I'm not new to firearms, but new to Colt.
    I'm looking at buying a 1991A1 Series 80 blued in 95% ( a little hoster wear ) for $400, and wanted your thoughts.
    This is my first .45 Anything thing I need to know about?
    Whats the difference in the 60/70/80 series?

    Here is a pic of it:

    Thanx for your opinions

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    Reply Xjim...
    I ain't the brightest bulb around here...but go ahead and buy it! for $400.00...if you don't like it...list it here under buy/sell/trade and I think someone will take it off your hands...

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    Reply .
    I take it, that $400 would be a good buy?
    I couldnt find anything on the net to reference the price with.

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    Re: .
    Yup...$400 is a good buy. Won't get hurt at all. If you don't like it...it'll sell for same or more if you aren't in a hurry. But...most likely, you'll keep it.

    The pre 70, 70, 80 debates can go on forever. I have 1 pre 70, 2 70-'s, 1 80 Souped Up, 1-1991A1 Stock Commander. I love them all!!!! I have to admit, I generally just fondle my pre 70, and shoot the heck out of the others!!

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    Re: .
    I wish I knew more about Colts but I would assume $400 for a Colt .45acp would not be a bad buy at all - provided there is nothing wrong with the gun.

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    Reply Re: .
    Hi XJim.......welcome to TFF.

    Yup.....that's a good buy.

    Don't worry about the Series 70, 80, 90 stuff.....that's getting down to fine points and nitpicking.

    The Colt M1991A1 is an excellent weapon.....far better than many of the copies and clones out there. Enjoy!
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