1915 N.E.W. Finn capture w/ civil guard # and pix!

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    My brother wrote this-
    this weekend parallax bill and my brother went on a pawn crawl together. while at a pawn shop that i had frequented in the past, bill had found his newest m27(still kicking myself for not checking on that store sooner), and my brother said that there was a mosin up there that i might be intrested in.

    since it's on the way to my job anyway i decided yesterday to go up and take a look. the rifle in question ended up being a mosin 1891 made by new england westinghouse dated 1915, the bolt matched the receiver, the kicker is it's finn stamped and bill thinks it has a civil guard number on it (the number running across the side of the hex on the receiver is a large S followed by 91012). the bluing is almost 100%, and the bore was shining,

    the stock looked like it had been around a bit. it's still in the orginal stock, including handguard, with four in the field repair plugs in it. it has a large E stamped on the bottom of the stock next to the magazine and a D stamped on the right hand side of the buttstock.

    the butt plate's last two numbers(only one visible) match the receiver and bolt, but has a stretsy arrow on it. the magazine also has a stresty arrow on it.

    needless to say i bought it, for the grand total of $109. took it home after work(which the whole time was spent looking at the clock, to see how long i had until i go home and could take it a part) and took it a part. the barrel bands appear to be tula with the hammers on them. the bolt once disassembled was a mixer master, the bolt handle was new england westinghouse and matched the gun, but the bolt head was ishy and the bolt connector was stretsy. the bluing under the wood was perfect and after cleaning the bore was shiney, not quite mirror but nice and shiney.

    now my finn captured peter the great has some company. i'll have pics up tonite. thanks bill for the heads up.

    The white stuff in the pics on the receiver isn't rust, it's smeared lacquer stick!

    Here's a link to the rest of the pix
    Jeff's new stuff

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    I like the term pawn crawl.That is what I do monthly but I did not know what to call it.I crawl in Kannapolis and Concord but have never picked up a C&R other than a Underwood M1 Carbine and the dealer would not honer my C&R FFL,had to do all the paperwork You picked up a nice rifle on your crawl. Benny in NC

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    I have one of the New England-West. MN91s, but my bolt was a force match. with SA in a box on left side. About 8-10years ago I went and stood in line not know much about the MN-91 except is was Russian. Every one was grabbing here and there, they had about 4 or 5 shopping carts full of MN-91. I was stand just watch and the salesman said "Do you want one? I said yes and he handed me the New England-West MN-91. That will be 39.95 plus tax. Fill out the paper work and take it home. Boy it sure was nice being drummer than [email protected], I think I got lucky.