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I picked up a 1917 Enfield, Eddystone manufacture. It seemed untouched except the stock has been sporterized.

Upon tear-down and inspection, I found a few things. The barrel is marked JA, indicating that it was replaced, probabaly at arsenal rebuild, with a Johnson Arms barrel. The bolt, receiver, trigger guard, bolt stop, and magazine floorplate are marked with the Eddystone "E". The ****ing piece has a Winchester "W" on it, the magazine follower has a Remington "R" on it, and the extractor has "MSP" on it (?). The frond sight, sight base, and micrometer rear sight are all marked "R"

Overall, the action, barrel, bolt, and sights are in quite good shape.

My guess is that the gun was arsenal refurbished years ago and sporterized some time after that. The original sights are still intact, there are no holes drilled for 'scopes or other sights.

The stock really doesn't look bad, some scratches and dings. Since it has already been altered, I'll go ahead and refinish it and perhaps True-oil it or maybe polyurethane. I would like to locate an original stock for it, but that may be out of budget.

I DO plan on shooting the heck out of it.

Pictures soon to follow.

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