1917 Savage Sportster Model 23 B

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  1. camo521

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    Apr 10, 2009
    Rochester, NY
    Would like to find a bolt for a 1917 Savage Sportster Model 23 B 25-20 cal Bolt action clip feed. It has a piece missing off the bolt on the out side same side as the bolt. Looks like it might be a shell ejector or holder that may be missing on the right side of the bolt. I’m going to need one of them to or another bolt for it or another gun just like this one. If any one can help please get back to me, Thanks, Bob.
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  2. 300 H&H

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    Apr 1, 2007

    What you need is the extractor. It removes the casing from the chamber after firing, or removes a loaded round if it has not been fired. Do not replace the entire bolt, as this could alter the head space, and create yet another problem. You can however, remove the extractor from another bolt. My advise would be to try Numrich arms, or Jack First gun parts to obtain an extractor, and replace it on your bolt. Both companies have web sites, if you google them. Best regards, Kirk

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