1923 Galesi Brescia, Italian Black Shirts?

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    Oct 19, 2010
    Hello, New to the forum, glad to be here. My dad, career Navy, recently showed me a a semi-auto pistol he believes to be carried by an Italian "Black Shirt" militia officer. Its a Galesi Brescia 1923 semi-auto 32cal. Ser.#11771.

    I've checked out a lot of web-site pictures and there is a few things interesting about this pistol. Most sidearms I've seen (Galesi and Barretta) during this pre WW2 era are black with an ivory handle. This one is solid silver and has the "fasces" symbol (a bundle of sticks) on both sides of the handle grip, in what appears to be brass or bronze. (Its a cool little piece!)

    My research tells me that the "Black Shirts" were formed around 1919-1920 before the fascist party was recognized by the Italian coalition govt. in 1921.If anybody has any idea where I can get more info. to ID this piece, I'm sure my dad would appreciate it.

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