1946 Mauser K98?

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    Dec 20, 2003
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    My son-in-law (a Mauser collector) showed me a K98 made in 1946. But the war was over in 1945, you say, and the Mauser plants were closed down.

    Not totally correct. It seems the French forced the Obendorf plant to produce a run of the guns for them. He recently got a matching number "French" K98 for his collection in excellent condition, even the stock, all matching numbers.


    A reference book on the Mausers covers this. So we have a "French" Mauser made in a German plant after the end of WWII of mostly left over Germany parts. The stock (and the serial number) is the only give away that we could find that this was not just a 1945 German gun, as the stock uses a different way to mount the sling.

    Very interesting!

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    Interesting Indeed.

    I recall reading in a history of Browning that when the factory was liberated towards the end of WW2 a British Army report stated parts were also being made for the K98 rifle.

    I guess parts for various guns were being made in various places throughout WW2.