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1949 .38 Target Masterpiece

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I hope I made a good deal on this. I believe, based on the serial number K7662X that this is a 1949 model. It is a very tight gun with a very nice bore. It came with the basketweave holster. I bought the diamond grips separately. Can anyone confirm the mfg date, and I'd be interested in value. Thanks all.

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That is a 5 screw Pre-Mdl. 15 .38 Special. Value $350 to $400. Hard to say for sure.:)
Well, I believe the Target Masterpiece was the Pre Model 14, There was so much demand for a 4 inch model that S&W came out with 4 inch Combat Masterpiece which became the Model 15. Model names were dropped in 1957 and Model numbers became the norm. You are correct on the year of manufacture 1949.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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