1991 colt commander

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    Reply 1991 colt commander
    Could someone please give me pros and cons on 1991 colt commander compact as a ccw, I have the chance to buy one from a guy at work, thanks!!

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    I have a 1991 Colt Compact. I have retired it as a ccw
    because it has jammed twice during my concealed carry course. The plastic trigger is flaking and shrunk and is
    badly worn where it rubs the frame.

    It has jammed numerous times, but I continued to carry it
    because it is a Colt and the best there is. No longer. I am
    carrying a Ruger Security Six while I decide on my next carry gun. I realized I was carrying an unreliable gun for one more round than my revolver has.

    There are guys here that swear by their Colts. It may be just the 1991s or me, but I quit carrying mine.

    See the posts under which is the best 1911.

    The opinions are my own.

    1991s and 1911s are probably the most fun and satisfying
    to shoot automatics there are. I own three. I shoot them
    a lot. I just don't want to carry one now .

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    Reply Re: 1991 colt commander
    Hogster1, Welcome to the forum. I carry an Armand Swenson built Colt Commander everyday and have never had any problems with this pistol. I also carried a 1991-A1 Commander for a while. With a little reliablibility work, these pistols make a very good carry weapon. As always, make sure it likes the ammo you decide to use. Also be sure to purchase a good quality mag like Wilson or Metalform. Then shoot about 300 rounds to check for any malfunction like jams or failures to feed. If the pistol doesn't work well, have a good gunsmith correct any problems .

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    Re: 1991 colt commander
    The Colt 91A-1 Compact Carry wasn't much to speak of as barbon has said BUT they have made some major changes to the 91-A1 series within the last couple of years and one
    of the changes I have seen is the elimination of the
    plastic trigger, if the pistol you speak of is a recent model
    then it should most certainly have the latest replacement
    steel trigger that is now found on these models, if not
    it's no big deal to replace it with a good Wilson or standard
    Mil-Spec trigger, especially if the price is right on your

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    Thanks for the help guy's, I really don't know what to buy I just got my ccw and want a new pistol, I am looking at a kimber pro carry .45 cal also


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    Reply Colt stuff
    I just bought a nib 1991A1 full size in stainless steel, it had been lost in gun store inventory. It appears to have been in lay-away. It has the plastic trigger. I will replace with Wilson, or Brown, whoever has a solid stainless trigger. Also the plastic mainspring housing.

    Elsewhere I have posted my opinion that Colt is
    not producing the guns, ref. my post "Colt puts an end to the rumors". I don't know if it is authentic or not, but
    cheaperthandirt clerk told me that all the Colts they
    were getting were from warehouses, other dealers, closed stores, etc.

    The new Colts at cheaperthandirt still have the plastic

    The opinions are my own, which I keep well oiled and
    ready to fire off at will.

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    Re: Colt stuff

    We got 4 or 5 in about 2-years ago NIB and all had
    stainless steel triggers and one was an adjustable
    trigger, I was puzzled at why they had SS triggers
    and why one had the adjustable trigger also?
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    Reply Colt
    Tac401 and other interested parties,

    The situation at Colt and about Colt is so screwy
    right now, I doubt that anyone knows what is going on.

    Maybe Colt should just let Uberti build all their guns.

    When Colt first revived the black powder guns, a few
    years back, Uberti made themand put Colt markings and
    serial numbers on them.

    I'd like to have an Uberti made Government Model.

    If it's not a Colt, it's just a copy. Except of course when
    Uberti makes them. <BG>

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    Reply Colt LW Commanders
    are all I carry now.
    Mine are 100% and so is my wife's.
    There are lots of good guns out there.

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    Reply Re: Colt LW Commanders
    XCS, Go with the Kimber pro carry. I have 3 of them, when you want it to go boom, it does.

    I have built a lot of colts and have enjoyed all of them. The keyword is BUILT!!!! I have only had ONE Colt out of the box work right...period. Every Kimber I have,out of the box worked.

    Pre-70 series lwc.