19th Century Rifle Scopes?

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    Jun 20, 2008
    I've been researching a rifle scope that was bought from someone who had no idea what he had. It turns out that it was made by the court gunmaker of Berlin at the time, Heinrich Leue, who lived from 1837-1897. The thing is, this guy never started a company that I know of - meaning if it's got his name on it, he made it or at least was alive when it was made in his shop. I also know that he went into a partnership with someone towards the end of his life, so it was probably pre-1890 that this scope was made.

    I've been trying to research it, but I haven't been able to find any scopes from the 1800s to compare it to. I know the sights on Civil War guns and into the Franco-Prussian war were simple stand-up deals - no telescopic sight. I need to know what the later ones looked like, up until 1900.

    Does anyone have any pictures of telescopic sights from European or even American guns in the late 19th century? I really need some help with this and appreciate anything you guys can offer.
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