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(5/24/01 8:55:25 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All 2 Qs on history of handguns and bolt-action rifles

I had two quick questions I was hoping someone on here more enlightened than I could help me out with.

First off, can anyone give me a small list of some American made bolt-action rifles were employed during around the 1910's and 1920's? Especially helpful as well would be any models around that time that could be fitted with scopes.

Finally, keeping in mind that same time frame, what sorts of handguns would have been used by the police force around that time?

Thanks a bunch!


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(5/25/01 2:43:34 pm)
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Around that time frame, the choice of most city police departments (in the eastern US, at least) was probably the .32 cal. Colt New Police.....later, in the 30's the Police Positive in .38 spl. became popular. Some might have used the S&W Military & Police, which was also available at that time. Out west, they seemed to prefer larger calibers, and some sheriff's departments still used the old Colt .45 Peacemaker into the late 20's.

Around 1920, some eastern state police (NY State Police, for instance) switched to the Colt New Service revolver in .45 ACP.

By the 10s & 20s, most of the world's major armies had switched over to bolt-action rifles....but BA hadn't really caught on commercially yet. Lever action was far more popular among civilians.

Not really being a rifle guy, I'm not sure what bolt-action rifles were commercially available then.....but keep checking back, we've got a lot of experts who check in and out.

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(5/25/01 3:55:24 pm)
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1st, welcome to the board, KL - hope you stay and join in with the group.

"X" pretty well took care of the handguns.

Remington, Winchester and Savage all made bolt action centerfire rifles back then. Lots of custom rifles were made out of the Mausers, Springfields and other military bolt guns. None of the commercial rifles were drilled and tapped for scopes - this didn't happen as a factory standard until the early '50's when sportsmen began installing scopes on their hunting rifles. At best, some rifles came from the factory with tapped and plugged holes for rear peep sights.
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(5/25/01 10:29:44 pm)
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Immediately post WWI you might have seen some Mausers both Military and "sporterized" military rifles with Zeiss Scopes on them. The Germans used them as sniper rifles in the trenches, and quite a few were brought back by returning GIs or imported and sold as sporters.

There was an article in the Rifleman a while back about that. That is what brought some American manufacturers around to start experimenting with riflescopes that compared in quality.

I would think most comercial bolt action rifles from 1910-1918 in America would probably be based on the 03. After that, the P-14, P-17, and Mausers.

I hunted in PA once with my wife's Grandfathers old .300 Savage. It was fully sporterized, but had a stripper clip guide in the massive receiver. He told me Savage made these as Military for various South American countries in the 20s in various calibers, and when a coup or whatever made the sale fall through, they just rechambered for .300 Savage and put on a sporter stock and sold them commercially. It was NOT drilled/tapped at the factory, he had his own side mount put on it.

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(5/28/01 9:56:22 pm)
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KL, sounds like a writer doing research to me

Good Luck!!! I have a special place in my heart for writers, hope to be one (published) someday!

Anything else you may need, just post we'll help you any way we can...and if I read you right, we may be able to help you in other ways, especially Obelix2, he is REALLY strong in that time period about alot of things, try him on what movies were playing around that time, he will AMAZE you...

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(5/29/01 7:00:27 am)
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Read about folks like Gebby,Newton,Phil Sharpe,Niedner and others using scopes on Krags and Spanish Mausers before the Great War, most were hand made by small New England gunsmiths, and were long extended tube models, so mounting on the barrel was commonplace,(No drilling and tapping of Rcvr.) lots of the popular "Varmint" catridges in use today had their start prior to 1920, but I have to say, the single shot actions were preferred,by most of these pioneers, due to avilability, and the rather short history bolt guns had at the time, the N.R.A. sold Krags for almost nothing, and after the Great War, Springfields became plentiful enough for expiermentation.
Hand guns? can't address that, as in My part of rural Va. it was common place for Police Oficers to furnish their weapon of choice, had an Uncle that was A Deputy in Augusta County Va. at the turn of the Century, and He carried A Top break .44 S&W,D.A. so I guess most other places may have had similar policy,
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