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A little late posting this but here it is anyhow. The
archery season was a complete flop I only saw two deer.
I was hoping that firearms season would be a different
story. Was starting to think I wasn't gonna see anything
this season. My sister dropped a 5 pointer Saturday
morning, then a 3 pointer Monday morning. I started
Thursday morning saying I wasn't getting up at 5am
anymore until it got colder. I dozed off about 9am. My
eyes popped open and the first thing I saw was a deer in
the brush about 350 yards away. He was at least a spike
but big bodied. He never presented a good shot until he
got to about 125 yards. I ended up pulling my shot and
missed. Then later that afternoon with just minutes left
of shooting light he came back. Wasn't the best angle for
a shot head on and head down. But took lungs and broke
spine. Died instantly. 4 pointer.


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Nice deer! I took a doe on opening day. My first opening day deer and my first with my .30-06 that I rarely hunt with. Just yesterday finished the leftovers from a huge pot of chili from her meat.

Good luck again next year!

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I have never gotten one on opening day either. One year during the archery season I couldn't get out for the first two weeks. But on my first evening out I got one.

Good luck to you to.

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