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    the youngun traded for a CVA inline w/#11 ignition the 209 upgrade is only $15 is it worth the money? what differences can he expect? haven't had any BP guns in about 20 years tend to forget a lot

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    Fred -

    Just saw the post - sorry for not answering sooner.

    The 209 shotgun primer is hotter than the standard #11 cap. The "tophat" musket cap is a little stronger than the #11, also. The 209 does a better job at igniting pyrodex type powders, which are harder to lite up as compared to regular black powder. They are gonna be much more expensive to shoot,tho. I have all three ignition systems for my T/C BlackDiamond - tend to use the 209 system mostly.
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    Re: 209 upgrade
    I buy bulk 209 primers for reloading and get them for around $1.80 per hundred.
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    already have the 209 primers for reloading 20 ga am using pyrodex pellets with 44 cal sabots, of course this caused the breechplug issue, waiting on getting the barrel back
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    Mar 6, 2009
    I new to muzzle loading so I won't try and tell you which is best. But I have a question of my own about 209 primers I bought a CVA break action inline. and from my experence, with reloading fixed cart. the 209 seems too loose in the breech plug. Or is that normal. And if it is normal doesn't that let a lot of mosture in durning bad weather hunting?
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